max About Max Max is our funny man. He loves to tell jokes, talk in funny voices and make others laugh. Max loves music and loves to dance and often can be found busting out his dance moves to any kind of music? Max is in the 2nd grade. His favorite subject is math, but he is a very good reader too!! In his free time he loves to ride his bike, play with his brothers, swim and play games on his iPod.


max About Rowen Rowen has a smile and big brown eyes that can light up a room. He is a quiet soul and sometimes a little shy. But, he does keep mom and dad informed of all the things his siblings are up to. Rowen likes to snuggle and watch Netflix. His favorite shows are Power Rangers, Smurfs and Yo Gabba Gabba. Rowen loves his dog Bud and playing with his brothers and neighbors. But his favorite thing is to swim, he comes alive in the water!


max About Charlie Charlie is the baby of the family and keeps the family on its toes!! Charlie loves to be with mom and dad, drink apple juice, play with the dogs and be outside! And he thinks he can do anything his older brothers and sister can do. Charlie looks a lot like his dad and the older he gets he has a very social, fun loving personality just like his dad! He keeps the family in constant smiles!!